What We Do

Modern Facility Services Limited is a specialist company offering the following services in the commercial and industrial sectors:

Modern Facility Services Limited
Mechanical HVAC

Our services range from the installation of small split heat pump systems, which are typically installed at home or office, through to large central plant projects for multi-storey commercial buildings.

We offer you specialist services across a wide range of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. This includes:


Our services involve design, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems. They include:

Modern Facility Services Limited
Modern Facility Services Limited

We provide design, installation, and maintenance for refrigeration systems including below:


Regular maintenance is one of the secrets of equipment longevity and avoidance of premature failures. This obviously minimizes any impact on operational requirements or potential downtime.

This maintenance is similar for Electrical, HVAC, and Refrigeration system.

Scheduled maintenance is performed at specific intervals in order to sustain the functional and operational capabilities of the equipment. As part of a preventative maintenance program, we will carry out routine cleaning, adjusting, lubricating and testing. We also identify impending problems and schedule repairs prior to any potential equipment failure; this minimizes disruption and downtime.

We use a thorough approach to introducing customers to our scheduled Maintenance Programme. The following key steps are undertaken to ensure that your system and its requirements are totally taken care of.

Modern Facility Services Limited
Schedule an initial on-site survey [New Sites]

On acceptance of the proposed scheduled Maintenance Programme, we progress with the initial service activities, which may include:

An initial on-site survey is carried out to ascertain the overall state and performance of your system. This includes reviewing individual units as well as seeking feedback from end users regarding the system's consistency of performance.

Provide survey feedback

Key findings from the on-site survey are discussed with the client. This feedback session usually covers the following:

Commercial Air Conditioning

& Heat Pump Systems [VRV's & VRF's]

Refrigeration Systems

Modern Facility Services Limited

We offer maintenance and service packages that are tailored to suit your needs. They also prevent downtime and possible business losses.

We offer a full scope of maintenance work from basic servicing of stand-alone cabinets to a comprehensive maintenance of a full transcritical refrigeration system.

Modern Facility Services Limited

A proactive maintenance program will result in:

Modern Facility Services Limited

On each routine visit, our qualified technicians will thoroughly check each system to ensure that any possible issues are highlighted and rectified so that the system is maintained in optimum condition.